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Is Gambling Moving Out of Macau?

Macau is starting to look beyond gambling as its main source of income, at least that is what the city’s chief executive Fernando Chui, is planning. He announced on Monday Read More

IRS Wants a Bigger Slice of Jackpots

It was announced this week that the United States Internal Revenue Service is again trying to increase its share of jackpot winnings. Under their proposed plan the threshold for reporting Read More

Mark Wahlberg Loses Big in Macau

American actor Mark Wahlberg took a big hit recently and departed Macau with $45,000 less than he could have. Wahlberg hit the tables of a Macau casino in order to Read More

David Meade Wins $1 Million, Walks Away With Nothing.

Nothing can deflate the ecstasy of winning $1 million, one can imagine, quicker than the despair of having to hand it right back. David Meade, a British mentalist, took a Read More